www.barrettweimaraners.com 2014-11-21 - Darryl and AmyWelcome to California Weimaraner Education and Rescue (CalWEAR)!

CalWEAR is an all-volunteer, Federally-recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization based in Southern CA (Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Riverside, Imperial and San Bernardino Counties) with a goal of fostering local needy Weimaraners within our homes while we work to find them loving adoptive homes. Weimaraners who come to us are primarily from private owners who are no longer able to care for them. From time to time, we also work with area shelters and other good Samaritans who tell us about their lost and found animals. Regardless of where they’re from, the Weimaraners in our care are assessed for medical, physical, behavioral, and emotional needs, and are never placed before we determine they are absolutely ready to go to their adoptive home.

As part of our education efforts, we also offer continuous and ongoing assistance to adoptive Weimaraner families. From time to time, we publish articles about Weimaraner health, behavior, safety, and training. We are also happy to make house visits to help local adoptive families overcome any behavioral and training problems at any time.

CalWEAR is an affiliate of the Orange Coast Weimaraner Club. We are active members of the Weimaraner Club of America and fully support the WCA’s efforts to provide breed advocacy, education, and events. We also have families, day jobs, commitments, hobbies, and social lives. Our work with CalWEAR is on a 100% volunteer basis; none of us are paid.  We exist solely on the generous donations of those who love these Weimaraners as much as we do. All funds received are used to support the dogs in our care. 

If you would like to consider adopting a rescued Weimaraner, we’d love to hear from you!

If you need to SURRENDER your current Weimaraner, please click here.

Available dogs:

Below are dogs we currently have available for adoption. These boys and girls are in foster homes throughout Southern California. Unless otherwise noted, the adoption fee is $500.

www.CalWEAR.org - Big HarleyWheeler at Amy's HouseWheeler (surrendered to us as “Harley”) joins us from Fallbrook, where he lived with his mamma for about a year and a half until she simply couldn’t hang onto him anymore. He loved her because she rescued him from the Escondido Animal Shelter. She thought about sending him back there but decided that CalWEAR’s foster-based program was a better place for him until he found his next home. This 18-wheeler is a big, BIG boy. He’s neutered and up to date on all of his shots. Due to his size, he’s been a fairly inactive dog, but we’re putting him on the Woof-Watchers Diet and hope that he’ll be back to a trimmer silhouette in no time! Wheeler is currently located in Fallbrook (of all places) with his new foster mom, Amy. Please let us know if you’d like to meet him!

www.CalWEAR.org - LexiLexi is the latest Weimaraner to join us after exiting the Lancaster Shelter. She’s an oldie, but a goodie. We also have reason to believe she’s Bob’s sister, as she’s identical to him and was picked up from the same location. Lexi is currently living harmoniously in a foster home with a human mom, dad, three brothers, two other Weimaraners (one of them is CalWEAR’s very own Cooper!) and a little Yorkie named Teddy. According to the family, she’s super sweet and likes giving kisses. So far, Lexi has not been destructive in the home and appears to be a sweet spirit. Please let us know if you’d like to meet Lexi. She is currently fostered in Yorba Linda, CA.



Kyla at the beachHi, I’m Kyla! Although I’m a 10-year old girl, I’m spayed and up-to-date on all my shots, and I still have lots of spunk, and lots of life to live! My former mommy and daddy had to move and they couldn’t take me with them. That’s okay, my foster mamma takes me to the beach with her other kids, and I looooove the beach!!!! I have a sweet and calm demeanor and love to be with my people. I may be slow to warm up to you, but once I’m comfortable, we can be best buddies and I’ll fetch and play tug of war with you forever and ever. I also know my basic commands and will thrive in a house with a routine. I’m great with kids and other dogs, but please, no kitties.


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Harley is a goofy five year old neutered male Weimaraner, and up to date on all of his shots. His entire life, he lived with one pappa who was very diligent about getting him out for daily walks. Unfortunately, pappa was elderdy and over the years, he was physically unable to keep up with walking Harley, so Harley moved into pappa’s daughter’s home. That didn’t work out either because the family was busy with other dogs and other kids, and no one had time for Harley, who ended up spending most of his days outside. When his family realized that was no kind of life for a Weimaraner, they asked CalWEAR to help. Harley is now in foster care with us until we find him the PERFECT home! Harley is currently fostered in Los Angeles, CA.


2015_Scarlett_SquareScarlett. Scarlett is the little puppy we took in from the East Valley Animal Shelter in June 2015. Afer 21 days of hospitalization, Scarlett finally busted out! (Note: Although Scarlett appeared to be a purebred Weimaraner until 4.5 months of age, it turned out Scarlett is a Weim/American Bulldog/Staffordshire Terrier(pit) mix.) Regardless, she has lots of Weimaraner traits (scenting and tracking, using paws in a feline manner, problem solving aka committing minor/silly “Weim Crimes”), but is more easygoing and less vocal than a typical Weim puppy. We are so pleased to share that Scarlett is healthy, happy, socialized, trained and READY TO BE ADOPTED! Read Scarlett’s story for more information about this amazing puppy. Scarlett is fostered in Riverside County, CA.